Snipps Design System

20 June, 2019

Author: Jack Ng



This is the first RELEASE of this product. (Finally out of BETA)
New features in the new Releases!

Every other update will be free!

With Snipps you can start designing your new projects in a matter of minutes. Change the colors & typography that match your project and start designing right away

Everytime I had to start working on a new project I had to make everything from scratch input boxes, buttons, shadows, text styles, etc. So in order for me to save more time I decided to use other design systems but all of them lacked the flexibility of modifying elements to the core without changing the symbols themselves. So I set on a path to make something flexible and powerful. Snipps!

I started working on the key points that would help speed up my workflow. I started creating buttons, shapes which are very flexible and easy to modify via the overrides. Every element uses nested symbols. So with one button symbol for example you can make 100’s of variations and styles to match your projects without having to make new symbols.


  • Customizable
  • Flexible
  • Easy to Learn
  • Sketch 52 Ready
  • 400+ Icons
  • 300+ Layer Styles and Text Styles



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